Potters since 1920

Our history

The pottery town of Totana is located in the foothills of the natural park of Sierra Espuña , in the heart of the Murcia region.

In the middle of the 16th century, a long tradition of pottery making began and continues to this day.

Our pottery activity began in 1920 in the area known as Tinajerías, next to the Totana watercourse.

The clay, our basic raw material, was obtained by mixing and decanting well water and Totana's clays, which have a great quality for the production of pottery products.

The expert hands of the potter were used to shape jars, earthenware jars and earthenware bowls, an essential activity that produced utensils for everyday use: they were used for storing water, wine and oil or for cooking food.

For the firing of the terracotta, the pottery had two Moorish kilns built with adobe bricks, and among the combustion materials used were wood from Sierra Espuña, almond shells and olive pits.